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Chemistry, Materials and Interfaces

Scientific topics

  • Plasmonics substrates for Biosensing

PI’s Souhir Boujday & Bo Liedberg


  • Protein encaged organometallics

PI’s Michèle Salmain & Leong Weng Kee


  • Electroactive POM-based molecular layers  for nano-electronics

PI’s Anna Proust & Qichun Zhang


  • Molecular Mechanisms of Wet Adhesion of Barnacle Cement Proteins

PI’s Souhir Boujday & Guylène Costentin & Ali Miserez


  • Graphene-based supercapacitors

PI’s Mathieu Salanne & Chen Xiaodong & Li Shuzhou


  • Asymmetric radical additions via chiral ion-pairing

PI’s Louis Fensterbank & Choon Hong Tan


  • Understanding the Early Stages of Apatite Biomineralization under Biological Control

PI’s Thierry Azaïs & Martial Duchamp & Ali Miserez


  • Ab initio atomistic study of organic-inorganic perovskites phase diagrams

PI’s Marco Saitta & Martial Duchamp


  • Organometallic photoCORMs - nanoparticles conjugates

PI’s Helene Bertrand & Weng Kee Leong



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